Kitchen Essentials

There are some essentials ever baker must have or at least work towards getting.
Here is my list and I am always adding to it. 

Kitchen Aid Mixer- best wedding gift ever. I was so excited. I use it for everything. 
Measuring Cups and Spoons. - I have two sets of each in case I lose a measurement which happens when you are me!
Pyrex or any other glass measuring cups for 2 and 4 cup measures.
Wooden Spoons, Spoonula, Spatulas, etc.
Offset Spatulas in various sizes- mostly for frosting cakes
Cake Leveler- a new $4 purchase that I don't know how I lived without
Cupcake holders- I have tons...I think my collection might be a little out of control. Wilton ones are so cheap at the xmas tree shop.
Cupcake pans- small, standard, and I have one shaped like a giant cupcake
Extra Large Muffin Tin- who wants a tiny muffin?
4, 6, 8, 9, 12" cake rounds
Bundt Pans- I have a very small individual size, medium size and a large pan
Cookie Sheets
Cookie Cutters- I have over 100 at this point. If it is cute I buy it. After all they are pretty inexpensive
Half Sheet Pan- I love the Wilton one
8" square pans with square tall sides
Various shaped cake pans - Xmas Tree, fire engine, teddy bear, mini showmen, small hearts, etc. Some are silicone, which I am not a huge fan of.
William Sonoma Cake turntable for frosting, etc- another great gift I got. 
Decorating Supplies- Fondant(Wilton pre-made or you can make your own), Fondant Writers,  Icing Colors, paint brushes, etc
Packaging Supplies- ribbon, boxes, labels, etc