WLS Pantry Essentials

Here are my ESSENTIAL items to lead a fantastic WLS/ GBS lifestyle:
I have all of these items in my kitchen at all times....
I don't have a actual pantry...wish I did!
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Digital Kitchen Scale- I have this one: Scale
Measuring Cups ( 2 sets) - 2 sets because I keep one in my purse
Measuring Spoons (2 sets)- same as above
Bento Box- Laptop Lunches
Lots of small tupperware containers- there are always leftovers
Mini Muffins tins and Mini Muffin liners- for baking protein muffins!
Fresh and Frozen fruits
Almond Meal- I swear Trader Joes has the BEST price on this stuff
Unsweetned Coconut
Cocoa Powder
Protein Powder- I have usually Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana
CLICK protein Powder- I cant live without this stuff! Drink CLICK!!
Blender Bottle - gotta shake up those shakes! Shake it up!
Torani Sugar Free Syrups- http://www.torani.com/ I have at least 10 kinds on hand at all times.
Decaf Coffee
Sugar Free Hot cocoa- for those cold New England Winter mornings
Protein Bars- I really love Pure Protein Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Luna Bars- protein and a yummy treat all in one
Mini Brie Wheels- again I get these at Trader Joes
Assorted Nuts- delicious Snack
Cheddar Cheese- I always have cheese in my fridge