Pantry Essentials

Not my pantry....I can dream I guess!
Everyone keeps different stuff in their pantry's...mine has evolved over time while I change the way I eat but since I am a baker at heart (even if now I do give it all away) I have an laundry list of pantry items.

Flours: I always have All Purpose and Whole Wheat, but in WLS recipes I also use Potato & Coconut Flour
Almond Meal- a WLS essential
Multi Grain Pancake Mix
Brown Sugar
Splenda Brown Sugar
Baking Power
Baking Soda
Flax Seed Meal
Baking Chocolate
Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
Chocolate Chips- Semi Sweet, White, & Sugar Free
Extracts- Always need Vanilla ( I like Madagascar Vanilla Bean Paste), but I also like Almond, Peppermint, and Lemon
Pudding Mixes- always sugar free in multiple flavors since you can use them in a ton of recipes
Nuts- I always have mixed nuts in my freezer (keeps them fresh longer)
Torini Sugar Free Syrups- these replace extracts for me and add flavor to many WLS recipes. I always buy sugar free and I have a ton of flavors currently
Sugar Cookie Mix- sometimes I start with a pre-made dry mix depending on how much time I have
Cake Mixes- these are good for more than just cakes. I have a cookbook- 100 things to do with a cake mix. It rocks
Fluff- makes a great frosting base

Anything I missed? Let me know and I will add it!!