Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chocolate Chip Chickpea Truffles! WLS Friendly!

This is a link to my new favorite recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles  This girl makes the most delicious treats! Click the link to get her recipe and then see my sugar free replacements below for us WLS folks :)

I followed her above recipe almost exactly. The only thing I changed was that I used regular Splenda in stead of brown sugar (you can also use the brown sugar splenda) and use sugar free chocolate chips because I can't do the whole sugar thing. Oh and I doubled it because I gave a bunch away to my sugar loving friends and guess what....they loved them!

How to make it all come together:
I use this bad NINJA. 

 First, rinse and drain the chickpeas really well. (this is a entire can, like I said I doubled the recipe)

 Add your cute is the detail in the bottom of my spoons!


For my nut butter I like Almond Butter with Sea Salt from Trader Joes

 Throw in everything else EXCEPT the chocolate chips!

 Make sure you mix everything REALLY well. No one wants to bite into a chickpea! The Ninja is great for this. Best Gift EVER!

I like to dump mine out into a bowl and stir in a bunch of Sugar Free Chocolate Chips. I can only ever find these things at Super Walmart, but they do sell them other places and online! You can also make your own Sugar Free Chocolate Bars and chunk them up for the recipe. Here is a link to make your own : Three Ingredient Chocolate Bars- Sugar Free

Then make your balls! I use a mini ice cream scoop

Place them in the fridge to chill out...I usually dip half of mine in melted sugar free chocolate and leave half of them just like this. They are delicious either way.

Let me know if you give these a try! You could also add nuts, flavored sugar free Torani to change up the taste, maybe roll in unsweetened many options!

I think I will eat one right now....


  1. Sounds good much of each ingredient? A can of much splenda, vanilla, almond butter and chocolate chips?

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      If you click on the original link to the Chocolate Covered Katie blog it gives all the original ingredients and ammts. She asks that her recipes not be re-written on other peoples blogs.
      Here are the ingredients:
      1/2 can chickpeas or white beans, drained and rinsed
      1 tsp pure vanilla extract
      scant 1/8 tsp salt
      scant 1/8 tsp baking soda
      2 tablespoons nut butter
      1/3 cup brown sugar or brown sugar splenda or all white splenda
      2 T chocolate chips, or more if desired
      1-2 T rolled oats or quick oats (or flaxmeal)

  2. I stumbled upon this page as I was google searching for something. I love your post, especially the photos!
    The last photo was very helpful... I just referred someone to your site because she was asking what the truffles were supposed to look like pre-chocolate. Thanks for unknowingly helping :).

  3. Thanks Katie! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes and I am sending people to your site all the time! Since I live pretty much sugar free your recipes are perfect because I can always tweak if needed:) I am actually making a deep dish cookie pie tonight!