Monday, September 12, 2011

WLS Grill Cheese & Turkey Half-wich

The other day I was watching Food Network which is my favorite channel. Giada made the most delicious looking grill cheese sandwich with meat, cheese, and super delicious looking bread.  I have to say I typically stear clear of bread these days unless I am using a tortilla  or a flatbread to make a pizza.

The grill cheese looked so darn good and since it was one of my favorite pre-op foods I had to give it a go.
Here is what you will need:

Earth Balance Soy Buttery Spread
2oz Deli Meat - I like Thin & Trim Turkey Breast
Mini Bree Wheel- I get these at Trader Joes
Flatout Bread Slice- Cut in half. Or you can use a 8" tortilla cut in half

Cut the flat out in half and then cut in half again so you have two slices (sorry there are no time I promise!) and put the smallest dab of butter on the outside of each slice. In the center spead half of the mini bree wheel on the inside of each slice. Top with deli meat. I added a tiny drizzle of mustard and top with 2nd slice.  Place your half-wich in a small fry pan and cook just like you would regular grill chesse.

This sandwich was so delicious I am going to have to buy another package of flatouts!

Let me know if you try this and how you liked it or how you spiced it up!

Happy Eating :)

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  1. This looks really tasty and I might be able to handle it with my band. I really miss sandwiches.